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Events4singles is Australia's Biggest Singles Industry Listing Directory Website promoting singles event organizers, speed dating, social clubs, travel, parties, dinners, online dating, daily events calendars & more

Events4singles was one of the pioneers providing effective advertising solutions with this method of online advertising to the singles industry, launched in 2001.

Advertising With Us

Our philosophy is to apply relationship management techniques, a special personal touch by the team at events4singles. Our goal as an advertising medium is to connect you, the advertiser, with your target consumer.

Events4singles has built an advertising program that allows advertisers to specifically target the audience that best fits their marketing goal.

Why should you use our singles directory site as an advertising platform?

According to a Census Bureau, about 50% of the Western World countries are now single. About a 47% increase over the last 20 years. With a tremendous increase in the acceptance of singles & dating sites, singles business operators found this internet advertising method, acceptable, practical and successful

Targeting Capabilities

Events4singles incorporates the most advanced advertising serving technology available today. ME!

Advertising Opportunities

Events4singles advertising page has all the relevent details, special requests quoted to suits your budget

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25 Million Page Hits per year from 240, 000 Yearly Unique Visitors

Final Words from George Palasty

Last year has proved to be an incredible year for Events4singles and our advertisers. We successfully released a number of new websites to support the many diverse aspects related to the singles industry, and to protect our incredibly good name, we aquired the Trade Mark "Events4singles" 

Next year will provide a faster service for you. Our worldwide directory is now established in many western countries and offers advertising opportunities for those clients who operate internationally 

We worked with our leading advertisers to improve their targeting capabilities, launched several new products plus helped developed expand several new Online Dating business ventures

As we grow in the years to come, we will continue to service YOU at Events4singles, our client or future client, in the best possible way and help you develop unique advertising opportunities. We hope you recognize the power of our site and take advantage of it's genuine offerings for years to come.
As for our team, we believe it's all about passion, enthusiasm and a never give up culture.
We work differently. We think differently. We treat our customers and trade partners as though our world revolves around them. Because it does.
After all, at the end of the day, Events4singles isn't just where we work. We own it. And that's our edge.


Kind Regards,
George Palasty


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