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We now have 25 million hits per year which makes us the Largest
Singles Event Listing Resources Directory in Australia. This is a unique opportunity
to take advantage and advertise your business to attract new clients.

The Internet technology is of vital importance in the way we do business now and in the future. When considering the costs for advertising in the Yellow Pages, radio, TV, fliers, newspapers, etc, the Internet is a great medium to enhance your business at a fraction of the costs.

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Advertising Benefits

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Pricing Structure

You will build your business faster when you list your events with events4singles. Our low-cost advertising campaigns help you promote your business to single women and men looking for information on events in your area. Drive fresh new traffic to your website through events4singles.


Online Advertising Options

Events4singles delivers an audience that who are intelligent, social and have a disposable income. These are the people that want to try different opportunities in the singles market and this is an ideal website for your online advertising campaigns.

We offer a wide range of online advertising opportunities designed to drive traffic to your site. Unlike most sites, events4singles can offer you both national and state specific placement of your ads, enabling you to target the specific geographic audience you want to reach. Select an online advertising style for more information:




Bussiness Listings

Standard Business Directory Listing - Non-Premium Pages
6 Month Listing $155* $5.96 per week*
12 Month Listing $245* $4.71 per week*

* All pages except premuim pages. (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth)

Standard Business Directory Listing - Premium Pages*
monthly basis
$59 p/m
*set up fee of $120 (one off)
6 Month Listing $395 $15.10 per week
12 Month Listing $595 $11.40 per week

*Premuim Pages - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth

  • HALF PRICE for any additional Category page listing on Events4singles with a FREE listing in any 3rd Category
  • Listings will be posted within 48 hours of receiving final details.

Business Name - Slogan or Promo Text
Picture / logo / Banner is
NOW included for FREEAdvertise on Events4singles
Australia's biggest Singles Events Listing Directory!
Listings start at 0.67¢ per day with Banners/Logos.
Up to 50 words or 5 lines describing your business or event.
C: George
P: 02-9907-8408
M: 0435-801-602

Please Note:
Surcharge for listing positions on Sydney and Melbourne pages: First position 100%, Second 90%, Third 80%, Fourth 70%, Fifth 60%,Sixth 50%,Seventh 40%, Eighth 30%, Ninth 20%, Tenth 10%.

Surcharge for listing positions on all major city pages except Sydney & Melbourne: First position 50%, Second 40%, Third 30%, Fourth 20%, Fifth 10%.

Surcharge for listing positions on all premium pages except city pages: First position 30%, Second 20%, Third 10%.


Banner Advertising

Top of Page Banners/Tiles or Logos
6 months12 monthsPlacement
$850 $1495 single image button 120x80 pixels on Home page (or $150pm on 12 month contract)
$395 $650 single image button 120x80 pixels the Sydney, Melbourne pages
$225 $395 single image button 120x80 pixels all other cities or specialty pages
$345 $595 feature banner 760x80 pixels all pages except Homepage, Sydney and Melbourne Page

File size approximately 3500 bytes
All advertising is subject to approval, under our advertising guidelines.


Click to View Top of Page Tile/Banners Ad Examples

Home Page Tile
City/Specialty Page Tile
Feature/Flash Banner

Images Specifications for Banners/Tiles
Home Page - 120x80 pixels $59.50 - to create a STANDARD banner/tile (120x80)
Other Pages - 120x80 pixels $119.50 - to create a ANIMATED GIF (up to 3 rotations) banner/tile (120x80)
Listing Tile - 120x80 pixels $199.00 - to create a FLASH BANNER/TILE (120x80)
Banner Size - by request $349.00 - to create a FLASH BANNER (760x80)

All images for banners/tiles must be supplied in a GIF, JPEG, PNG or animated GIF format.
$49.00 - Any amendments, changes or replacement of original images


Events Calendar
(All entries must be prepaid)
Regular Events listing
$199 12 months per city

*discount of $100 offered if advertising in the daily calendar listings for a 12 month period only.

Daily Calendar listings (pay by the month)
$69.00 1st listing (includes initial setup) per month
$49.00 1-2 listings (after initial setup) per month
$59.00 3-4 listings per month
$69.00 5-6 listings per month

For any additional requests for advertising on events calendar please contact us via email


Click to View Events Calendar Examples

Regular Events
Daily Events

Daily Calendar Listing Example
DateOrganiserEvent Description
Date of event Your website name and link goes here
Event Title Goes Here

2-3 lines of description (maximum)

Conditions for Advertising on Events Calendar Section

  • We advise advertisers to post ads about four week in advance to receive maximum coverage.
  • All listings to be emailed prior to the first MONDAY of each month and to be no more than 2 lines, can include phone number.
  • If an event is posted in the during the month the event will be listed no later than 48 hours after receiving the details. Should the event need to be posted quicker than this time frame, please contact the office to arrange a priority posting.
  • Payment Methods are Internet Banking (we send you a Tax Invoice) or Credit Card.
  • Please supply advertising in electronic format. Word document or HTML, for all text and graphics.
  • Only ONE link to your website or particular page on your website is allowed, in the link column.
  • Please note that Events4singles is not responsible for any incorrect information about events listed on the Events Calendar pages, but simply promotes them on behalf of advertisers.
  • Price on application for more than six entries


What's On Section/Page

Home Page & What's On Page
1 Month Listing $199 Promoting Special Events

All advertising is subject to approval, under our advertising guidelines.


Click to View What's On Examples

What's On - Home Page
What's On Page


Monthly E-Mag / Newsletter

Monthly Production and Send of Singles Related News & Events Calendar
Premiem Placement of Promotion $99

All advertising is subject to approval, under our advertising guidelines.


Click to View Newsletter Examples

Monthly E-Mag


Listing/Banner Maintainence

Changes or amendments to listings
To update a listingTo delete a listing
If you wish to update an existing listing, please email us with the details of the change. Please allow up to 7 working days for the change to appear. If you wish to remove a listing from the website, please email us. Please allow up to 7 days for the listing to be removed.


Cancellation Terms & Conditions

30 days notice is required on any advertising cancellation with events4singles. Final payment date is 30 days from notification date.
This means you must pay for one full month after cancellation.


Web-Site Design

Business Web-site - Let us create/design/develop a Website for you

Your very own web - site, a must for the serious business person.

"Events4singles Special Offer"

  • 1 page template site adapted to your company colours
  • Your own web-site name -
  • includes 2 free advertising listings (this does not include main city pages)
  • 1 x monthly events calendar listing for 3 months

please note: design changes are charged at discounted rate of $49.50 per hour

~ Yearly Hosting Fee and Domain registration (, including hosting maintenance $180

~ Additional pages @ $150 each (please note for more than 3 pages the hosting package increases)

If you require something a little more sophisticated with design options or custom-design, content management system, eCommerce sites, please call us today for a free quote. Please quote "Events4singles" for a discount........

To find out more please contact Nicki by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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