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Ceroc, Modern Jive, Ceroc classes in Sydney, Ceroc classes in Melbourne, Ceroc classes in Adelaide, Ceroc classes in Brisbane, Ceroc classes in Perth, Learn to ceroc, dance lesson in Ceroc. Ceroc (or more generally Modern Jive) is a partner dance that is easy and inexpensive to learn and is usually danced to a variety of modern and older music. It's a modern variation of French Ceroc (which is itself a variation of American Jive), with influences from numerous other dance styles such as Latin and dirty dancing. Ceroc is an extremely flexible partner dance, and the main focus is on leading moves without needing to choreograph and learn routines. So it is well suited for improvised casual dancing at dance parties or other events, but this doesn't make it plain or boring. Advanced dancers develop their own style and learn to work with their partner to give the dance plenty of flair.

New South Wales
Ceroc & Modern Jive Dance Company - Sydney
Looking for something out of the ordinary? Our Club Ceroc Nights are always great fun, entertaining and a fantastic way to meet and dance with a variety of different people.
Ceroc classes are fun and easy to learn and a fantastic way to keep fit. No need to bring a partner as we rotate partners throughout the classes.

Mamboroc Dance Company - Newcastle, Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie
Mamboroc Dance Company teach "Modern Jive" which is the ultimate in street style modern partner dance, a trendy blend of Jive, Rock'n'Roll, Latin and Dirty Dancing performed to the latest hits, we like to call it Club Jive!

Ceroc Australia - Sydney
Ceroc Australia runs classes and events at times, places and prices that allow most to participate. Our motto that 'everyone is welcome' is also reflected in us keeping all our prices within reach and holding events all across all our venue areas.


Ceroc Canberra - Nitzan Azran & Sarah MacPherson
Discover the excitement of partner dancing! Ceroc (also known as modern or niteclub jive) is a showy, glamorous partner dance style that is danced to the latest music, making it the freshest, most fun style around. Have fun, make friends, and feel fit and fantastic! Try Ceroc - and dance for life! M: 0412-557-751 E: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Ceroc Melbourne - Melbourne
The story began in 1945 in a small bar in paris. it was here that ceroc's fusion of latin passions, jive, ballroom & dirty dancing took place. ceroc's dance style is also known as french latin or modern jive, is very popular, great fun fitness, danced & taught worldwide including europe, new zealand & australia.

Le Bop - Melbourne
Le Bop, also known as Modern Jive or Dirty Latin Jive, has its origins in France in the 50’s. It was very popular in the night-clubs of Europe. Over time the style has developed to encompass an eclectic mix of Hot moves from Jive, Lambada, Dirty Dancing and many other styles of dance. I set this collage of dance styles against a backdrop of retro and today’s dance music as heard on commercial radio stations and at night-clubs.

Le Step - Brisbane & Gold Coast
Never danced? No problem... our friendly crew will show you how. Eveyone is welcome.
Le Step is one of just a few leading dance companies Australia-wide teaching this unique partner-based style of modern dance.

South Australia
Ceroc & Modern Jive - Adelaide
The world-wide partner dance phenomenon is here and we want more people to catch the bug and get dancing!

Western Australia
Dance Perth - Perth
Join us every Tuesday evening after work for a stress busting night out among lots of like minded CBD people. Classy alfresco bar with quality meals, drink specials and one of Perths most social dance groups in action. Just relax among friends or take advantage of the $18 Meal and dance class deal. This is a great way to meet other CBD professionals and office workers in a relaxed fun way.

Ceroc Perth - Perth
Singles & couples enjoy Ceroc Perth’s Dance Classes, Dance Parties and Great Social Events. Be part of one of the fastest growing styles in Australia. Ceroc combines the best of Jive, Latin, Salsa, Rock'n'Roll and other dance styles. Ceroc Modern Jive owes it's popularity to simplified footwork which unshackles conventional dancing as it can be danced to any music.


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