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New South Wales
Passionata Dance - "Where Passion and Dance Meet"

DANCE PASSIONATA! Learn to Move with our Passionate instructors Derek and Carmen. We teach styles such as Salsa, Bachata, Tango, Private Group and Bridal Dance in Sydney’s West. Join and let us bring out your potential, looking your best to burn the dance floor. Call us for more."

Funky Tango - Sensual, upbeat, dynamic and a lot of fun!

Ever wished you could stop anytime during a dance and just hold your partner for a while - as part of the dance?
Ever danced to Ravel's Bolero, the Pink Panther theme, RnB or electronic or traditional Tango music with someone special - using only one dance concept? Discover the new Argentine Tango, danced from Buenos Aires to Berlin, San Francisco to Sydney.

P: 02-9557-9747 - Sydney CBD and Newtown.


North Shore Dance Studio - Sydney, Crows Nest
There has never been a better time to start dancing ! 
At North Shore Dance Studio you can learn the latest Salsa steps , or the hot and sexy Latin moves, learn the passionate Tango or the slow Waltz. This is partner dancing at its best in a fun and healthy environment.
A little Buenos Aires - Sydney, teaching in a variety of areas

"A little Buenos Aires" A credit to Mimi and Teddy who excel in passing on their passion for Tango with so much dedication,care and communication skills. I am delighted people like them are around,and so fortunate to have met them.

Sydney Tango Online - Sydney, Directory information

Tango Argentino in Sydney, Australia is easy to find with the Sydney tango online calendar. Learn tango in Sydney, dance tango in Sydney, watch tango in Sydney - there's something happening every day and night of the week. Sydney tango's aim is to list all the tango events in Sydney on any one day, irrespective of affiliations.

Mamboroc Dance Co. - Newcastle, Carolyn and John

We teach the modern jive dance style. Modern Jive is the modern form of Partner Dance and it is a mixture of Dirty Dancing, Latin, Jive and the Rock 'n' Roll, also described as Ceroc. We make it fun and easy to learn.

Michael Madden DANCE STUDIO- Port Macquarie

The Argentine Tango speaks to people. It may be the music, or the movement of the dance itself…
the implied action within the still embrace, the sensuous walking, the sweeping rhythm changes, breathless pauses, knifelike legwork...there can be a lifetime of fascination with the tango.

Patio de Tango - Sydney

We are dedicated to teaching and promoting Argentine Tango as a social dance in Sydney, Australia. Its activities include weekly tango classes, special workshops with visiting teachers and regular Milongas (Tango social dances). It was formed and is run by Pedro Alvarez and his wife Sophia Alvarez.

Tangueros- Sydney

The company that teaches the art of tango argentino. Being one of the most experienced performing and teaching entities in Australia, with appearances in World Tango Festivals and teaching contracts overseas, we pride ourselves in passing on our knowledge through easy to understand classes.


Biggest Salsa Dance school in Newcastle

Learn to dance Salsa (Cuban and LA style) & Rueda.

Classes every Thursday night from 6:30 pm

courses start every 6 weeks.

Latin Fiesta class shows available for parties, wedding, corporate functions

Mayfield Ex-Service club

58 Hanbury St, Mayfield

P:  02-9586-0009

M: 04-0770-1328

E:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Latin Rhythms Dance Academy -Canberra

Come and join Canberra’s leading Latin dance school and experience the fun and passion of Latin dancing in a friendly social atmosphere. Learning to Salsa and Tango is a great way to have fun, exercise and meet new friends. Fully qualified instructors with extensive experience in teaching Salsa, Tango, La Rueda and Merengue.


P: 0412120593

L'affaire De Tango-

From times forgotten dance has been essential to the worldwide spread of Tango-a sensual focused dance, breathing with nostalgia and passion, it has come a long way in its evolution.
L'affaire De Tango promotes professional tuition and offers excellence in Private lessons and Group dancing classes.
Enjoy the Premier Milonga in Melbourne on a Saturday evening among the friends and family of Melbourne's tango community.

142 Glenferrie Road Malvern


Social Tango- Melbourne

Many people in Australia associate tango with ballroom dancing or Hollywood movies portraying couples dancing with a rose between their teeth. In reality, the tango as social dance works as a beautiful way of connecting to another person through the music, where communication and musicality is honoured above all else. The basic movement in tango is walking - simply walking around the room to music with a partner.

VIVA Cabaret- Melbourne

The VIVA Cabaret is the ideal place to go for a unique encounter with Latin American Culture in Melbourne. Make your night out an unforgettable experience, from the kitchen all the way onto the dance floor.
Group Dance Classes at VIVA are taught on a casual basis which means, we teach different levels on different days. This allows you to take as long as you like to progress with your dancing.

Tango Melbourne- Melbourne

Tango Melbourne  Hello and welcome to Tango Melbourne, the first web site in Victoria, Australia dedicated to informing and promoting the Melbourne Argentine Tango community to local and international Tangueros and interested dancers.
As a devoted Melbournian Tanguero I have designed this site for new and existing tango admirers as a one-stop-shop to find out where to learn tango and how to enjoy it socially in our city of gardens and cafes.


Western Australia
Argentine Tango- Perth

Free Tango classes available at various locations in Perth.  Fun, relaxing social activity- sure to bond with fellow dancers. Not just learning how to dance but develop elegance, balance, confidence and communication skills.

C: Dania

M: 0466 628 204


Tango Mate - Perth is Perth's leading Tango Academy: Tango Takes 2. Pedro Arandia (Director) is the only professional teacher from Argentina in Perth.
He teaches and performs real Tango Argentino. This style and technique encompasses the true methodology derived from the greatest masters of the art found in Buenos Aires.
The Tango Salon - Perth

The Tango Salon first formed under a different name in 1995.
The Tango Salon was Perth's first studio dedicated to the promotion and instruction of Latin American styles of dance. Since it's formation, the founder, Juan Rando, has travelled throughout the world developing the skills to dance and teach these styles of dance here in Australia.
Abrazo Tango - Perth

Join this class to take your first steps in the art of Argentine Tango, under the expert guidance of Sofia Valdes. Classes will focus on posture, musicality, and enjoyment of the dance.

C: Sofia 0418 922 300 WEBSITE 
Alma de Tango - Brisbane, St Lucia
Salón, the elegant, passionate and sophisticated world-wide spread tango style, set by Alma de Tango in a five- class course of 1 ½ hours each. This course also includes Milonga, that cheeky, irreverent, cheerful rhythm.
Rio Rhythmics - Brisbane

Rio Rhythmics is Australia’s largest and most comprehensive Latin dance school. Established in Brisbane in 1994 by Brazilian director Tarcisio Teatini-Climaco, Rio Rhythmics takes pride in teaching its students to dance authentic Latin dance... the way Latin American locals do!
South Australia
Siempre Tango - Adelaide

The teachings of Siempre Tango focus on interpreting and understanding the many rhythms and moods of the music, and hence the dance. Both the close embrace, Tango de Salon, and the open free style are taught, with consideration for the flexibility needed to move between them appropriately. The three Argentine Tango dance styles, Tango, Vals, and Milonga, are covered in regular classes or special workshops.
Southern Cross Tango - Adelaide

Classes with Adrienne and Andrew Gill are an intense experience. Passionate teachers who care about how their students dance, they have taught over 1800 classes together, developing a finely tuned understanding of the techniques needed for elegant, fluid tango dancing, and how the different roles of man and woman can best complement one another in the dance.
Australian Capital Territory
Tango Social Club of Canberra - Canberra

The Tango Social Club of Canberra, Inc is a not-for-profit Incorporated Association of people in and around Canberra, the National capital of Australia, who dance tango, take tango lessons, are passionate about tango, or just have an interest in Tango.
Tengo Tango - Canberra

TengoTango is a dance school run by people passionate about dancing. Look for us dancing socially at various dance events around town (Canberra, ACT). If you like what you see we can teach you how!
Gaby's Dance Studio Club Inc. - Canberra

GDS would like you to have fun and learn new skills while keeping fit and meeting new people. We have friendly instructors with classes to suite you. There is nothing that will impress your friends more like seeing you dancing like the stars. Whether it be the sultry salsa or a traditional waltz, GDS will have you dancing up a storm.
Penny De Kauwe School of Dancing - Canberra

Penny hails from a well known dance family in Sri Lanka and commenced her dance career at an early age in partnership with her brother, Vevil De Kauwe. Penny and Vevil won many open professional dance titles and were extremely popular exhibition dancers and also established their own dance studio in Colombo.

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