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Grace, Elegance and Beauty.....

Ballroom dancing is a great sport which everyone can enjoy. You may choose to learn how to dance for fun, to exercise or to meet new people. After just a few classes you will be able to hit the dance floor with the latest steps.

Dancing is a great exercise which improves your cardiovascular rhythm and helps strengthen your muscles. It increases your sense of balance and your stamina. It also helps you develop a better posture as well as  boost your self confidence.

Dancing is one of the only sport that doesn't require any special equipment and you may practice anywhere. All this while you're having a blast.

Ballroom dance has a rich and diverse history, and has long been a favourite with people of all ages. It is a series of partner dances. It has captured the imagination of thousands - strictly sequins, feathers and glamour and style includes five dances: Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, and Quickstep.

The Standard dances are also characterized by their very precise elements of technique: footwork, rise & fall, amounts of turn, etc. From this technique emerges a unique elegance and beauty. 


Click to view Ballroom Style Dances
Click to view Ballroom Style Dances


Rhythm & Latin


Embodying rhythm, energy and passion....

Many of these dances are loose in structure and traditionally used as a form of relaxation and relief from the stresses. These dances consist of Cha-Cha, Rumba, Jive, Paso Doble, and Samba.

The following dances fall under the category of Latin and/or rhythm: Salsa, Mambo, Merengue, Cha Cha, Rumba, Bolero, Paso Doble, Samba, Bacchata and Lambada.

Latin shows variety of dances that are associated with South American, Central American and Island cultures.

Music and rhythm form large part of daily life in these regions so it is not surprising that a collection of dances has developed many of which started as folk dances.


Click to view Rhythm & Latin Style Dances
Click to view Rhythm & Latin Style Dances




Hip-hop, funk, break dance and attitude...

Hip Hop is an art form that includes deejaying (cuttin' & scratchin'), emceeing/rappin', breakdancing and grafitti art. These art forms as we know them today originated in the South Bronx section of New York City around the mid 1970s.

Hip Hop has thrived within the subculture of Black and Puerto Rican communities in New York and is now just recently beginning to enjoy widespread exposure. From a sociological perspective, Hip Hop has been one of the main contributing factors that helped curtail gang violence due to the fact that many adults found it preferrable to channel their anger and aggressions into these art forms which eventually became the ultimate expression of one's self.


Click to view Contemporary Style Dances
Click to view Contemporary Style Dances




Partner dances with a swingin' kick...

Modern partner dancing is very popular in Australia and the interest is growing rapidly. It is very addictive.  Browse through the pages about modern dancing on - you’ll find interesting information about what’s involved in each of the dance styles and where they originated.  Modern Dances are easy to pick up and Australia has some fantastic teachers who get you out on the dance floor in no time.

Modern dancing is fun, exercise, and the following dances fall under the category of Modern are Swing, Hustle, Jive, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Modern Jive, Ceroc and Rock n Roll.


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Cultural & National


Belly dance, flamenco, argentinian Tango and other traditional dances...

Cultural and national dances represent an important means of retaining and passing on different traditions.  Maintaining tradition is important to the diversity of cultural groups which make up the Australian population. These dances often depict stories which have their own importance and appeal, however, the costumes and music, which combine with the choreographies, help create an attractive and powerful force for bringing people together as a community. These dances help people to share the culture and traditions within their specific cultural groups and with the greater Australian community.

Australia boasts an array of other cultural and national dance types which include many of the countries of the world  from English Morris dancing, Spanish Flamenco, Brazilian Samba, Irish and Scottish dancing to Noh dancing from Japan to name a few.


Click to view Cultural & National Style Dances
Click to view Cultural & National Style Dances


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